How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog Comment Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional blogger or just a novice in the event that you’re in the blogging industry and you are a blogger, you should, to a some way, be aware that commenting on blogs of other bloggers can have a an enormous positive impact on marketing your blog. But, this doesn’t mean that you must make a comment on every blog you visit. Selecting the right blog to share your comment is a skill you are able to master. Here are four methods to follow when making comments on other people’s blog.

What is the popularity of this blog?

If you’re commenting on a the blog that has just the occasional visitor per day, it is unlikely that a flurry of traffic will be able to visit your blog. Since the number of people who visit the blog is lower and it could also indicate that only a tiny percentage of readers will see your post and visit your website. So, if you’re looking to promote your blog by commenting on other blogs, you should try to locate blogs that are equally or even more well-known as your own blog. It is possible to use the page rank of the blog as a guide to assess how important the blog’s page is. Visit:-

The blog is of the same interests to you.

There’s no sense to post a comment on a blog that has no connection with your site. While a direct link is not required, it is highly recommended. For instance, if you have a blog which talks about software for computers it is not a good idea to limit your comments to other blogs that also talk about the same subject. Commenting on blogs that talk about programming languages, which are used to create the software, or on other people’s experiences using the software is also an excellent way to advertising your blog.

One way to determine the content of a blog is to look at the description of the blog. If the blog’s author isn’t diligent enough in giving this kind of details, go through their blog and see whether they’re targeting the exact keywords you are, by determining how many times a particular keyword was mentioned.

Opportunity of Reciprocity Chance to Reciprocity

When you begin blogging the first thing you will be focusing upon is the contents on your blog. Then, you can invite other bloggers to respond to your actions. If you’re the first blogger to be approached by another bloggers, it is likely that they would like you to leave a leave a comment on their blog since you have excellent content on your blog.

In reverse, try to find the comments on your blog Find out what website another blogger has posted in your post. Go to their site and check if there are any link exchange opportunities that are coming up.

Find blogs that are targeting a similar market

If you’re advertising your blog by posting a comments, you’re not restricted to posting on a blogs with similar topics to yours. By conducting thorough research and planning you can increase traffic through commenting on blogs with different visitors.

For instance, if you have a blog about dance and discover that there is a food-related blog that is very popular and you are interested in posting a comments on it. It may appear that there is no immediate connections between the two. But, both blogs target the same age category. Furthermore, the two blogs could even be targeting the similar geographical areas!

If you can discover a connection between your markets of interest You could discover a great link exchange possibility. It can also be done by posting a comment on their blog including your blog’s link. This requires a lot of detail and meticulous planning. The most important thing is to discover a common interest between you and the blog buddy share. You can discover one by focusing on your market.

Returning to the food blog and dance blog examples, since the target audience for both are teens, the method for blog comments is making a post on a dance blog on the best food choices for dancers who might take part in competitions. Also, posting a comment on a food blogs about what benefits a dancer could gain by eating certain foods.

If you have a few instances where you simply want to respond to a blog post commenting , without thinking about any blog advertising aspect, it’s perfectly acceptable. Even if you don’t get any immediate benefit for a short amount of time, letting everyone know your ideas will, to a some way, improve your credibility in the long run.

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