Hot New Technology Gadgets

Let’s talk about some of the latest technical equipment on the market today. The first promising looks are Casio’s automatic makeup camera, Fisher-Price’s smart pen and computer cool school, Swankey Theater, and glowing gloves. We’ll talk about the product, great features, and availability, when it will be available, and how much it will cost.
First, there is the automatic makeup camera, the 10.1 megapixel Exilim Zoom Z300 and the Casio 9.1 megapixel Z250. Built-in Photoshop for women who are not good at makeup. There are 0 to 12 makeup settings, and you can add as many makeups as you need. It covers wrinkles and facial expression lines and can be matched to the skin color. It was released on August 29th at a price of $ 249.84.

Next is the smart pen. If you’re like me and after writing a lot, forgetting to write and can’t get the paper, this is a pen for you! Write with ink like a normal pen. Record the audio, connect it to what you wrote, and play it on paper to play the audio. You can also put notes on your laptop or desk. You can also leave your laptop at home. With special dot paper (about $ 5 for a notebook as a whole), you can easily transfer all your notes from pen to paper. .. The price of the pen is $ 149 for 1GB and $ 199 for 2GB. Visit:-

One of the latest and most innovative technology devices is the Computer Cool School by Fisher Price. It’s a keyboard that connects to your own computer and teaches reading, writing, science, art and music. It’s password protected, so your child won’t print 500 copies of anything. This makes your computer’s main hard drive inaccessible as well as the Internet at all times. Launched in July, it’s priced at $ 59.99.
Another new technology gadget is The Swanky Theater. It’s like driving wherever you put it. You can get a 9, 10 or 12 foot inflatable screen and it’s so compact that you can fold it to the size of a carry bag! Perfect for those who want to have a party or talk about the city. It costs $ 1,499 and comes with a screen, projector, DVD player, audio mixer and more. If you only need the screen, it’s $ 399, but it’s well worth the price.

The latest new technology device is glowing gloves. Innovative technology has literally brought you a flashlight. Fiber optic gloves made by Tilen Sepic in Slovenia. It can generate diffuse reflection and spot lighting. And if it goes down, it definitely comes in handy! It does not indicate how much or when it will come out.

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