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Reading is an excellent opportunity to not only learn facts about yourself, but to recognize the things you already know but maybe haven’t yet put into words. I’ve had numerous readings throughout my life and always gain something valuable from the experience. What better way to spend your time and energy than learning about yourself!

  • Astrology Reading: I’ve had astrology readings and have had charts made for me and they’re always fascinating. The fascination of astrology in today is the fact that there is so much in the Western and Chinese varieties: natal, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly relationships, compatibility, love, careers, pets, etc. Every reading will help us. It’s wonderful to identify your own self in the signs and planets, houses and aspects, as well as other information. Visit:-
  •  One thing I know about myself is that I try to not do housework. My natal chart showed that I had “problems dealing with daily chores” and that I had almost no earth.
  • This doesn’t mean that cleaning any easier but it has allowed me to know myself better and be more comfortable with my personality. It’s an amazing present!
  • Face reading: A few years ago, a close friend of mine was able to read my face. She measured my head and examined different parts of my face. These spaces, bumps, curves and other unique parts are important! Face reading is the ability to discern expressions and determine the person’s physiognomy through looking at their faces and the structure of their faces. My friend is a personologist and was also a former successful judge. My cool reading experience taught me numerous things. Like, for instance my round forehead reflected original thought and creativity. When I was in high school I was a graphic designer, which fit the description perfectly.
  • Numerology Readings: Numerology has been an intriguing science that I’ve studied. I also got my own numerology reports that were extremely detailed and informative. Numerology readings reveal the Life Path number. This number is determined by the date and represents the person’s external energy. The name that is given at birth indicates the energy and the person’s role in these external happenings. Forecasts can also be made by analyzing the numbers and from the relationship between these numbers with the date and the name. My personal experience with reports that were prepared was informative. I felt like I could continue to read the reports and gain insights every time.
  • Readings for psychics: I have more experiences and knowledge in psychic readings than any other type of reading. My psychic readings have been diverse with the majority of them in person, but some over the phone. Some comprised of aura, past life, couple and family, rose and music, female chakra, and many more. Some psychic readings have simply asked questions to one or more readers and getting answers. Some have specific to a specific aspect of me, for instance as being female. Female readers who have given me readings have viewed me as spirits. They were able to see how I felt at that moment and what I had to do with my body. Many times I realized that the way I had felt, which was a weird feeling that I could not get rid of, wasn’t the energy I was putting into it! The psychic reader could often assist me in releasing my energy and help me deal with the underlying issue. My spiritual path has been enhanced through psychic readings I received from females and other types. Highly recommended.
  • Tarot Reading There was a period in my life that I received many tarot cards readings. These days, I typically get ones that use three cards, however, I did go to a psychic who performed the more extensive spreads. I think she was using the Rider-Waite deck, but there are a variety of decks to pick from. These readings were inspiring and energizing. They gave me many ideas on how I can improve my own life. The Inner Child deck has been enjoyable for me. I think that with tarot, like with all readings it’s interpretation that is the most important factor.

They are the kinds of readings that I am familiar with and am aware of being available. There are other methods of divination like Runes and the I Ching. Although many believe that readings are entirely at the discretion of the person reading and the reader, as readers, we have a lot of responsibility. However, that’s a different article. Human beings recognize that they require help or guidance and I think that reading a book is among the most beneficial and informative experiences that we can get. They’re also entertaining and entertaining, so let’s not forget!

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