Creative Strategies for More Patients

Here are some very creative and not-so-common marketing strategies that you could employ in your dental office:

1. Establish a referral programme – It should be your number one strategy, especially for healthcare-related services. According to research, 92% of people trust recommendations more than other marketing methods. It is easy to set up, but it can be extremely effective and help increase patient flow to your dental office. Below are some suggestions for how to kickstart this program.

  • Start a Patient Loyalty program – This allows you to collect cell phone numbers and email addresses for future marketing strategies. It’s also a way of letting your customers know that you appreciate them.
  • You can launch a Patient Reviews Program. This program is intended to boost your online reputation. You can give cards to patients and ask them to review you on social media or on Google Business Page.
  • Ask for a referral of a patient

This guide will help you ask for a referral lightly.

  1. Selectively ask – Only ask those you are familiar with and who you feel comfortable asking. For example, a long-term patient with whom you have a good relationship.
  2. When a patient has had positive experiences – If they are being gracious and telling you so, but not pressing, you can tell them that it’s great to hear that. Send them to the hospital if your relatives or friends have bad experiences.
  3. Use a template – We are grateful for your comments! I am proud to be part of this team. It is part our goal for positive experiences for patients like you, who appreciate what we do. We recognize that not all people have a positive experience at their dentists. We’d love to have your family and friends experience the same thing you did.

2. Your product or service can be a challenge – What problem are your services solving? It is not enough to simply explain the services you provide. Instead, make your product central and present a challenge. Patients can ask questions about their oral health, or you could even create a quiz that will gauge how well they are following good hygiene. They will feel engaged and your business will stand out. Visit:-

3. Use social media’s most popular hashtags – Using hashtags such as #FlashbackFriday, #ThrowbackThursday and others can help you increase traffic to your site, especially for those who are younger than 25. You could also use this to target someone who is searching for a specific topic or service. It could also be a source of new patients that could help you get them to try your service.

Additional Dental Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to start web marketing. Here are some other ideas for marketing your dental office. Here are some more marketing ideas for dental practices.

Get Local SEO

Are you the first dentist to show up online when people in your local area search for one? To check, grab your phone and type “Dentist nearby me” into the search box. If you are not at the top of your pack, you could be missing out on many new patients and leads.

For your dental marketing efforts, your goal is to rank locally on search engines like “Dentist near me” and be found by people in the target market.

Leverage Existing Patients

Working with what you already have, such as existing patients, is a great place for starting. In idea number 1, we discussed creating loyalty programs for patients. Not only will this help existing patients, but it’s also good business practice that can and will drive referrals.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Marketing a dental clinic can seem complicated, but it isn’t. With some creativity and common sense, it can be possible to make it easier. To get more patients, think about how to please them.

To Social Media Or Not?

If you are going to use Social Media for marketing your dental practice, I suggest taking a moment to reflect on it.

Although social media is a great tool for dental marketing it takes effort, time and tact . If social media is to succeed in dental marketing, you must put forth consistent effort and produce quality content. Your staff may not have the time or resources to properly market your practice via social media. Another option for engaging social users is to hire an agency, train someone in your office or use paid ads.

Other ways you can use social media

You should also ensure that paid ads are only targeting patients in your specific area. Los Angeles residents are not the right audience for your ads if you’re not in New York City. It is an easy, costly error.

Start a contest, and get viral

You can grow your dental practice by using contests. Everyone wants whiter, right? For example, create a grand prize of teeth-whitening for life or other prizes.

People will love your contest if your prize is something they want. Digital contests can help boost dental practice marketing exposure, even if they cost pennies. To make your contest even more lucrative, you can add bonus actions to increase entrants’ chances of winning.

There are 1,001 different ways to market a dental practice. Most of them are easy to do on your own. Sometimes it’s worth hiring an expert to ensure it is done correctly the first and last time. Find out more about hiring a professional dental marketer in the box below.

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