Bamboo for Living

Bamboo is among the fastest-growing species on Earth. Culms can be used for construction in three to seven years. Bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal products remain fairly new to the market. This is due to bamboo’s durability and environmentally friendly properties. Bamboo charcoal is developed into bamboo charcoal pouches for deodorization and air purifier, water purifier, products for skin care (bamboo charcoal and vinegar soap) and foot, car, and bedding. Bamboo charcoal can also be found in salt green tea toothpastes and bamboo toothbrushes with handles.

Bamboo fiber products include towels, socks, underwear, clothes as well as bedding blankets, bags, clothing, and baby series. Bamboo is used in many ways, including bamboo coasters and baskets tablesmats made of bamboo, bamboo block trivets. It is also used in office equipment like bamboo kitchenware tables, table sets, and bamboo kitchenwares. You can also make your own back massager from bamboo.

Bamboo crafts combine functionality and art in the form fan jewellery, home decor and jewelry. Bamboo is slowly entering our homes, our bedrooms office spaces, our living rooms.

These are exciting developments even for those who grew-up eating fresh and dry bamboo shoots at the dinner table or sitting on bamboo chairs and stools as well as making use of bamboo pen holders in the study and sleeping on bamboo mats for the cooling effect it provides in the evening. Visit:-

For those who know little about bamboo, perhaps it is time to get familiar with the concept of bamboo as a living material and all of the benefits.

Bamboo Fiber
Bamboo fiber, which is an eco-friendly material, is created using bamboo as its raw materials that is renowned for its strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and softness. The unique structure of bamboo fiber, which is made up of micro-gaps in its pores and holes, allows for the highest water absorption. Bamboo fiber is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odor. The bamboo fiber blend products like underwear, socks and towels have shown remarkable advantages with regard to moisture wicking, sweat absorption and odor elimination.

Bamboo products have been quietly added to our lives from flooring to bedding head to toe. Bamboo hand towels aren’t restricted to bath towels. We also offer spa towels and sports towels. You can choose from the variety of bamboo towels: plain, printed or dobby; jacquard; and even embroidered, in the event that you’d like. Bamboo fiber socks and briefs for both men and women are eco-friendly and have impressive qualities. They are silky smooth, seamless and breathable, they are also deodorant, absorbent and antimicrobial, they keep you dry, cool and comfortable. Bamboo fiber blend socks, shorts and underwear are stretchable and incredibly soft after multiple washings.

Bamboo charcoal
Bamboo charcoal is made of bamboo that has been aged for at minimum five years. It is a great humidifier and deodorizer. Bamboo’s porous carbon is a source of many benefits. It’s able to absorb moisture, eliminate odor and block electromagnetic radiation, as well as increase the circulation of blood and metabolism. Bamboo charcoal’s humidifier and deodorizer pouch is environmentally friendly and can be used to manage odor, moisture, pest control, preservation and even permeability. These pouches are suitable to be used in refrigerators or closets, as well as bed racks, or shoe racks. They are usually more effective to be placed in a limited and controlled space. They can be put in brand new homes and cars equipped with furniture that has been updated to enhance the scent. They can be reused. Bamboo charcoal pouches can be reused by exposed to direct sunlight for just a few minutes twice per month. This will help regenerate their odor-absorbing and destroying powers.

Bamboo charcoal can ease and tranquilize the mind by absorbing electromagnetic radiation and blocks electromagnetic waves. negative ions produced by charcoal with a penetrating force can release a natural aromas, which may provide a relaxing effect to the mind. The thing that is fascinating about the pouch is that this bamboo charcoal application somehow brings us back to the way it was all created thousands of years ago: an ornamental pouch called Xiangbao or Xiangdai included mixed Chinese herb powder to expel the evil spirit and wickedness as well as bring prosperity and prosperity, transforming bad luck into luck.

Bamboo Cultural Elements
Although it may appear modern and modern designs, bamboo is deeply grounded in Asian culture and represents its ancient Chinese cultural elements. Here are a few examples.

The Mahogany Bamboo Blocks in a Colored Pattern & Trivet Set, made of natural, strong and dense bamboo appears to be modern and stylish. Each block is crafted in an intriguing gourd shape The set is a great way to decorate and makes your dining area more efficient by bringing an Asian style and Zen feeling.

Bamboo collapsible trays come in different designs, and some are designed to represent twelve Chinese Zodiac signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Sheep, Horse Monkey, Pig, Rooster). One popular bamboo collapsible basket is Rabbit, The Peace Maker with an engraved rabbit made of bamboo. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, and the talented and affectionate rabbit seeks tranquility in life. This item will light up your space and get conversations started right away. The design is a spiral cut with a unique design that folds, the basket collapses flat to be used as trivets that can be easily hung on the wall as artwork or stored away for travel. It’s ideal for displaying fruit, pastries, potpourri, dry flowers, or any other item to your taste. The Bamboo Collapsible Basket (The Fish Factor) is designed in the shape of a fish. Fish is the God of water, is the most popular symbol for (swimming toward) the brightness, luck, fortune and prosperity. It’s supposed to bring prosperity and happiness with its deep spiritual meaning.

Bamboo Coaster (Qingming Riverside Scene) contains a set of six coasters with an bamboo holder. Made of high-end bamboo, it’s designed for function and style, and the work is inspired by Qingming Shang He Tu from Song Dynasty, one of the most well-known Chinese classic paintings of all time. It portrays scenes of celebrations, bridges, shops, and boats and offers a glimpse of the lifestyle, clothing and architecture of this era. Bamboo Coaster (Watertown), however, depicts, from multiple angles, a tranquil and tranquil Watertown, the Venice of Asian.

Because of the superior properties of bamboo and advantages over other plants since more and more people are conscious of its advantages and its demand increases so it’s not surprising to find that there will be new bamboo products available on the market. For consumers of average ages there will be more bamboo products than there are for athletes. Naturally replenishing thanks to its durable, dense quality, bamboo is an eco-friendly multi-faceted, renewable resource, and a sustainable, ecologically responsible eco-friendly alternative to hardwoods.

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