Car Travel with Pets

To pick up my cat Eddie in a minivan, you need to wear really thick leather gloves (like a shoulder ride), but many pets want to ride more than their owners. I only walked Eddie a few times, but he taught us a lot about what could happen to a pet in the car.
It’s a pleasure to have pets with us, but they have special needs to make them comfortable and happy.
Pet hair

Hair is the most difficult element to clean upholstery and carpets. Trying to vacuum is almost always a waste of time. Fibers are woven and glued into the carpets and fabrics of our cars.
Rubber or latex gloves are a quick and easy way to remove hair from mats and materials. There is also a product called a pet sponge. This also works very well, but it’s actually made from the same fabric. Simply put on your gloves, moisten it a little, and hold your hand over your pet’s hair. Your gloves are comfortably filled with pet hair. Rinse and pass another path.
You may want to consider buying a pet box for your traveling pet.

Get sunscreen when traveling with your pet. serious. We know we’re selling it and it looks like a great place to advertise, but in reality the car gets hot too fast and more than we think Will be much more. Visit:-

From a cool, air-conditioned state, it takes less than 20 minutes for a car to sit at 120 degrees in the sun, even if the windows are on the candles for fresh air. In summer and hot days, the interior can reach 150 degrees at the same time.
A well-made reflective sunscreen can reduce the temperature of your car by 50 degrees. It’s a good idea to leave the windows broken, but it’s much better to keep the heat in the room low.

Don’t ask. It’s a little difficult to get urine out of the mat. Let’s start with baking soda. Let it dry and leave it overnight. Vacuum and repeat to let the baking soda sit again. Vacuum the last layer and then pour hydrogen peroxide over the affected area. Evaporate and then vacuum.
It does not remove dirt or discoloration, but it removes odors and neutralizes urine. From this point, you can use a carpet or upholstery cleaner to remove any remaining dirt.

Keeping your pet comfortable and safe in the car is sometimes a creative challenge. We have some pet car accessories that can help you with some details. Traveling to the Cargo Area-This is a complete convenience. The padded lining is padded and non-slip so pets have complete access to the minibus cargo area. The lining is water resistant and tear resistant. Your pet can walk on the textured fabric without slipping or slipping. The rear of your car can be warmed to breathe dust so that your pet can stay comfortable at any time of the year. Seat Cover-Same idea as cargo lining, but with less space. The fabric and comfort are the same, the ease of cleaning and the inner protection are the same.
Pet Barriers-These barriers restrict the movement of pets. For many pets, that’s a good idea. It also enhances your safety.
You can also use the pet barrier to lower the window a little further. This provides a cooler condition if you need to keep your pet in the car while traveling. (It’s also a good idea to use the food I mentioned earlier.)
Organizer: Pets need things! Feeding boards, snacks, strings, necklaces, spoons, etc. Pets need a lot of things. It’s a good idea to keep your pets organized when traveling with four-legged friends. Tires quickly twist and “loose”. If you have a place to store these necessary items and have easy access, it will be more fun and less effort.

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