How to Create Your Own Podcast

But first, what is podcasting?
Podcasting is a relatively new type of technology, so here’s a background for those who haven’t encountered podcasting this season. The definition of Wikipedia is pretty good:

Podcasting makes audio files (mainly in MP3 format) available online so that the software can automatically download the files for your convenience.
The way I watch podcasting is across radio shows and blogs. Fortunately, anyone can create a podcast at a fraction of the cost with basic IT knowledge. Once you’ve created a podcast, you can allow it to be subscribed to receive updates when it’s uploaded to your site. This is done in a very similar way to delivering blogs / news using an RSS reader (more on this later).
How did you create and publish your first podcast?
The first step for me was research. I wanted to know what other podcasts sound like, and what other people are doing (especially in the area of ​​my personal finance). It was also a useful activity to remove the fear that all podcasts already created were of very professional quality. Some are, but most are not!

Record when you first realize that no one is doing what I’m planning (except for Martin Lewis, a money-saving expert, it’s more money-saving than financial planning) It’s time to figure out how. show. ..
He planned to record a 10-minute program that would reduce production time and keep the file size relatively small. It’s an audio file on our site, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too big (not only to keep download times fast, but also to save bandwidth limits).
To record the content of the podcast, I first tried using the audio recorder that came with Windows XP. It wasn’t ideal for two reasons. Recording time is limited to 60 seconds. This means that you need to divide your planned program into 10 segments and then coordinate them together. He would also not allow me to talk about background music (something I found important for professional presentations). Visit:-
I searched the internet and found some free apps to try on This software, called Propaganda 1.0, provides podcast authors with a complete solution. Download the free trial, make sure everything you need is done, and then pay $ 49.95 to activate the full version. I didn’t want to talk about pensions in the podcast within 10 minutes, so I asked my sister to record the audio. These were simple audio clips that could be used to introduce the program, split the content, and complete the podcast (my warning / deregulation).As for the hardware, I only used a headset with a microphone. The same system used by Skype. Dixons costs £ 10 and is suitable for recording a single voice.
With Propaganda, I was able to record program content, up to 16 different soundtracks (including background music), and play them back in time. The whole process took less than two hours to be satisfied with the final version.
Publish a podcast

Propaganda software also makes it pretty easy. In fact, there are three steps to publishing a podcast.
1-Create an MP3 file from a podcast. MP3s seem to be the most common file format for podcasts, so I kept the tradition. Using the tagline, I was able to convert the 16 audio tracks I set up to a single MP3 file and choose the best file quality. I chose a medium range one. It’s not too low as it reduces sound quality, and it’s not too high to keep the file size reasonable (less than 4MB).
2-Present the MP3 file on your website. I use MS Frontpage to design a website and use free FTP software to transfer files from my computer to the internet. To store the archive, I also created a basic web page that explains to potential listeners a little more about my podcast in general and this particular podcast program. 3-Create an RSS feed. Again, propaganda did this for me with its public features. RSS feeds are syndication feeds that allow podcast players to find podcasts and subscribe to updates. When you create a new podcast program, you can update this RSS feed (hosted on your site) and various podcast players will check for updates and download the new podcast to your listeners.
Promote podcasts

Now that we have a podcast, we need to get some listeners together. I posted a request for help on the online network and got very helpful answers. The main podcast guide seems to be Apple’s iTunes, so I started there. It’s really easy to list because they only need to know the links to your podcast, website, and RSS feed. I had to wait a few days to get on the list because of the research process, but on Sunday morning I found my link and was able to download, listen and subscribe using iTunes.

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