Overcoming Original Sin – 8 Pivotal Scriptures Simplified

What exactly is this ancient term ‘original sin’?

Bible speaks of it as the exile from the Garden of Eden: the crime committed through Adam and Eve in the event that they did not obey God. Although they make for excellent reading, these gorgeous texts and stories are largely coded compilations — by the most adroit scholars of their day – thus some practical interpretations, regards taking action on your own, are necessary.

The Bhagavadgita addresses the first sin, however, not in the same way such as the three gunas of nature which areRajas Tamas as well as Sattva. These three gunas, being the three governing laws of nature – creation, maintenance and dissolution are the laws that determine how we are all born.

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Both Bible and Bhagavad-Gita — with their various wordings — are expounding Truth which is a fact that every human being has to face at some point in time: in other words be able to accept the reality of life, and not just beliefs and dogmas.

So, let us simplify the concept of ‘original sin’.

“Original” means “existent from beginning the beginning, or archetype, and ‘sin’ specifically refers to the ‘failing to leave the spiritual mark’ by default.

A lot of people refer to the ‘original sin’ as the subconscious mind, which view — as we shall see — gets us closer, from a practical viewpoint, to the intuitively sought solution.

Some ancient original sin terms


The River Jordan

Joshua 3:4-5; 5:10-12.

In Bible terms, the River Jordan represents the downward flow — from birth to thought processes, which can be reversed into upward flow, spiritually, in a divine way, hence the expression born again”second birth,” also known as spiritual awakening to name several.

River Jordan is symbolism of sub-consciousness , which is the absence of awakening spiritual nature. Crossing the Jordan within is a sign of cleansing. It is when the alignment to the lower ‘worlds of sin’ thinking processes become apparent experientially.

The crossing of the Jordan is a sign of inner activity which leads the soul on the milk and honey from the other side, or, finally, entering into the Promised Land.

In practical terms, “other side [of the Jordan]’ the ‘promised land’ refers to the Transcendence of human consciousness -an expanded consciousness or the totality of brain function.

So, when scripture says, Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan, it means that our innate higher awareness increases, transcends and thereby becomes in direct contact with the Christ within. Transcendence also signifies the experiential awareness of the ‘other side’ -also known as risen consciousness- means of hearing and seeing, as well as touching the Higher Spiritual Hearth.

The new level of consciousness is a complete contrast to “original sin” and its addictive patterns of behaviour.

It’s also a personal way of eliminating disease-attracting thoughts such as Coronavirus, and other such problems. The Antidote is in each person, we just first have to understand what the ‘original sin’ is in the future, which we’ll discover.

A few other biblical words that allude to this “must be shed” ignorance condition.

John 14-30

“The Prince of the world and was not me’.

In this case, the phrase ‘this world’ is referring specifically to the ‘world of sin’ but not to the whole planet Earth.

“Prince” thus refers to the ‘ruler of the world of sin’ Satan or the subconscious which is the main power behind the lower thought norm, which is responsible for the creation and maintaining spiritual ignorance, the influencer of all one’s choices. Satan represents non-soul-serving mind-sets or life-styles that are anti-spiritual, often referred to as the lower ego.

The term ‘ruler of the world’ is an inner-working of the mind, often known as the sleep mind that is living unconsciously through automatically recurring programming without awareness of the spiritual Transcendent standard.

“Had nothing in Me”

Biblical Jesus (higher inner awareness) when he says: “the prince did not have anything in Me is pointing out that, the sub-conscious dynamic, causal of involuntary sin is not able to rule over Me, Me referring to the Transcendent Christ standard latent within each of us.

That, no associative sin nature exists within Pure Consciousness.

This, Transcendent Consciousness. God or Christ is supreme and reigns forever.

It’s because of our personal Christ — Pure Consciousness – – that the dynamic of ‘original sin’ comes to be integrated, when the prince is toppled and neutralized, rendering mutual.

This understanding is what lies behind the earlier Bhagavad-Gita verse , ch2 verse 45 “Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna” To transcend the laws of nature, causal and maintainer of the original sin. In other words, contemplate and transcend.

Bible antidote for original sin:

John 1 – 29

“Behold Christ the Lamb from God who takes away the sins of the world’.

“Lamb” here refers to the Transcendent state within. “Behold” means that we create this ‘Lamb that heals and Wholeness’ an actual reality within our mental paradigms and the way we live our lives. We achieve this by transcending the laws of nature every day – by encountering ‘the Lamb which is able to overcome the pull-attraction of the ‘prince of this world’ – the subconscious dynamic — thus awakening from the cyclical ignorance of the laws generating such state of low mind awareness.

Through our chosen meditative means the verse serves as an invitation unto soul freedom from original sin. Because, only Pure Transcendental Consciousness has the power to alter the unconscious structures that the subconscious mind that are set to remain in perpetuity until personal transformation.

John 14:29-31

‘Get up and move on’

‘Get up’ meaning let us rise from the cause of suffering. Let us reach the heights of cosmic consciousness. Let us mature out of dependency and all the other kinds of unnecessary mental torture such as anxiety, fear, and depression.

When ‘get up’ is been initiated with intention — via the inner journey of mental silence meditation — then suffering has served its original purpose of heralding a new level of cosmic consciousness that we can awareness.

Being able to smell the roses first time through refined and sharper senses becomes apparent. Wisdom once ‘blind’ to begins emerging into our now strong intellect. That is, intuition that we had not recognized before begins to surface and becoming clear at the ‘comprehension’ level.

John: 5:1-18

“Arise, take up your bed and walk”.

This is a continuation of the last verse of increasing our consciousness. Be aware of the cosmic realm through the nervous system, through the physiology, and away from corruption and the associated cognitive patterns of degrading cell life.

We also recall the Biblical beggar who was seated outside the Temple Gate: meaning he / she had not raised from their “original sin” consciousness to spiritual abundance and Transcendental Consciousness.

Romans 7-15 describes it:

“I do not understand what I do; for I don’t do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate”.

This verse describes perfectly the structures of “original sin,” the carry-over content acting independently of our seeming conscious aware mind – behavioural patterns carried out under law of spiritual ignorance.

Original sin is a mode of consciousness through which the lower mind functions automatically — without our conscious input. The paradox is that ‘original sin’ is also the way to reach higher states in consciousness as we’ve been reading.

Original Sin as a Recurring Mental State

Research shows that if we aren’t in control of our minds the mind will take over us. In this case, due to the absence of a direct, expanded awareness of Being which is the motivational energy known as the Holy Spirit or Kundalini — the spiritually aware mind makes its own standards of low conscience, low physical and mental well-being subconsciously; it does so by accessing the generationally established ‘original sin’ thought patterns. This continues unabated until the ignorance mental loop is stopped consciously by silence contemplation.

This is the main theme in the ‘Adam and Eve’ story in which they ate of the tree of knowledge and of both good and bad. Also, discernment through the lower me/mine self, through the automatically constant law of original sin and its associated mind-sets, associated world perspective of power as well as greed and material wealth at all costs.

Transcendence and Being Soul Free

The process of liberating the soul from original sin is all about expanding our consciousness and thereby attuning with our true higher cosmic consciousness or divine nature.

Bhagavad-Gita chapter 2 verse 45 provides an ideal way to do this:

“Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna”

meaning, transcend the innumerable laws of nature in meditation – laws of the mind — source and maintainer of ‘original sin’.

That the Bible affirms in:

Matthew 5 – 48

“Be ye perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect”.

Like that of the Gita, Matthew is stating”transcend and live life in harmony with all cosmic laws.

The word “perfect” means to be Whole, Complete [of consciousness].].

Becoming Whole is neutralizing the fundamental sin-based dynamic through constant transcendence. A spiritual imperative to claiming our divine inheritance, our pathway unto higher states of consciousness which, practically speaking, has nothing to be concerned with pouring water over the head of a newborn baby. Respectfully. Blessings.

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