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Writing about topics on a website log, which is also known as blogs, isn’t something that is new. Many people have been “blogging” for years in the hopes of venting, making money, or meet new people. Now a relatively new use to blog has been brought to light. Blogging is a way to increase traffic to your website.

So how does a business make use of a blog to drive up traffic and hopefully sell more products? By following a simple three-step blogging plan: post regularly and on a regular basis, bookmark your blog either manually or through the use of an automatic system. You can also make links to your website and the related blogs to boost your the visibility of your blog and improve search engine rankings. Visit:-

Post On A Schedule

The quality and content you post on your blog posts is important however, it’s just as important to keep posting regularly. If you are starting to post each day or even three times per week, you must to be ready to stick to that schedule throughout the time your blog remains active. There is nothing more disturbing for a reader than the feeling of checking the latest news on your blog, and then to find that nothing new posted for a week or longer. I am sure that if have done this more than one time, without reason, you’ll have to return to find that your readers have opted out of your feeds and have stopped checking your blog. If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, it should be a top priority to give your readers the reason to keep coming back to your site every day.

If you’re aware that you’ll be unable to post for a while, you could write a bunch of posts , and then set your blog to publish each one at specific pre-determined dates and times. This is an ideal solution if you know you are going on vacation or can feel yourself getting ill. My suggestion is to write when you have many things to say, however, don’t post it immediately. You can then let the posts “go live” at a regularly scheduled interval.

Use Social Bookmarking

To effectively boost traffic to your company’s website you need everyone to know about your blog as much as you can. Social bookmarking lets you submit your blog posts to different directories that people visit to find out more about subjects that they find interesting. There are a few things you need to consider when creating your blog to ensure effective bookmarking. It is essential to add your blog’s URL to the most well-known bookmarking sites like Technorati, StumbleUpon, and Digg. You can do this manually or via the free bookmarking sites such as Social Poster. This is a lengthy task but it’s worth the time to make these directories to recognize your blog.

It is crucial that you offer an easy method for your visitors to bookmark your site in addition. When someone is reading a blog or a post they find interesting, it is good netiquette to save the blog’s URL so that others are able to benefit from that blog. This practice of bookmarking will increase interest in your blog and , consequently, your service or product through high amounts in targeted (interested) visitors.

Create Links To other high-quality blogs

As in the real world it’s all about who you know. Having your blog linked to other blogs can make you look great. For one thing what is the reason why other bloggers encourage you to promote your blog if you didn’t have something of value to offer?

There are a few ways to have your blog to be linked to blogs of other authors. You can first email or contact the owner of another blog and ask for a link exchange. Most bloggers have a “link blogroll’ at the left side of their blog so that their visitors can find other blogs of interest. It is important to limit your requests to other bloggers who blog on subjects that are related to your blog. If your blog is about good cat care an estate-related blog is going to have the least amount of value in linking with you!

Another way to obtain hyperlinks on other websites is to participate in the commenting process on these blogs. Also, make sure to keep to blogs related to your blog. Otherwise, you’ll be accused of spamming or’splogging which is a crime that is disapproved of. Make sure to leave only relevant comments on posts that interest you or which you can give useful information about. Don’t oversell, but it is generally accepted to include a URL link in the event that it is appropriate. Some blogs are set up to ensure that when a person who posts a comment is registered on the site the name of the person who left the comment is displayed for a link that will take them to a profile page or directly to your site. This is a useful way for people to learn more about you without having to slap an address for your site in the faces of those who aren’t interested.


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